The mask of black dots

Problem skin is often chases people throughout their lives. Pimples, blackheads, comedones can appear at any age and always cause a lot of grief. Coping with them is stylist madison possible. And one of the most effective and affordable means to get rid of these shortcomings is a mask of black dots.

The cause of “black spots” and methods of getting rid of them

Fatty and porous skin needs special care in the first place – thorough and regular cleaning. However, even with proper care enlarged pores easily become a haven for all sorts of pollution. Dust get into the grease duct and clog it, resulting in formation of black spots, often crowned filled with cutaneous fat mound. more info

KrapokOdnym black mask of the first means to get rid of comedones are deep cleansing, consisting of steaming, mechanical removal pollution and disinfection of the skin, followed by closing now. Most black dots can be removed by peeling, such as scrub. However, this procedure eliminates the only consequences without solving the cause of black dots. The best also means getting rid of this defect are against the masks of black dots, which are clean and nourish the skin, remove pimples and comedones and prevent their formation.
Recipes masks of “black spots”

Face of blackheads can be divided into three types: dissolve sebum and normalize its release, pulling pollution that masks the film, and mask-peeling scrubs. Consider everything in order.
Masks for oily skin


¼ cup rice washed and pour boiled water, under the hood the night. Then the liquid slyvayut and barley knead well with a fork. The resulting slurry dense layer put on the face and remove after 15 minutes with warm water. This mask can be used as a scrub. here


A mixture of crushed flaxseed and dried chamomile flowers in a ratio of 2: 1. The resulting “powder” is diluted with boiling water until thick oily cream and insist the lid to half an hour. The slurry was abundantly applied to problem areas and through the third hour wash. This mask is well dries the skin, reduces inflammation and wound healing.

These and similar mask cleans pores, charge them and prevent the formation of comedones for oily skin.
Masks film


In one protein dissolve a tablespoon of sugar. Half of the mixture is applied to the face, after drying part and put your palms and fingertips pats intensively on problem areas, while the second layer masks do not dry up. During the procedure, sticky mass still pulls content out. Mask wash off with warm water.


1 tbsp. l. Pour 1 tablespoon of gelatin. l. milk and 10 seconds. heated in the microwave. The resulting sticky mass cool slightly and brush applied to problem areas. After 10 minutes the film is removed along with the contents stuck to it ever since.

After any of these masks is recommended to apply a moisturizer.


Mix a teaspoon of fine salt and baking soda with a small amount of soapy foam. Massage movements using cotton pads for 10 minutes weight is applied to the skin dotted with comedones, then wash well.


Crushed 1 tbsp. l. oatmeal mixed with ½ h. l. soda, add a few drops of boric alcohol and 1 tbsp. l. yogurt. A mixture of massage movements applied to problem areas, leave for long in the face, then wash off with warm water. read

These masks can be used for treating dry, inflamed or injured skin.
The result of the masks of comedones

Before applying the mask against the black dots skin clean, wash your face with warm water and steamed over broth with herbs. What mask of black dots desirable finish rubbing the skin with ice cubes, as well pores. In addition, important regularity and duration of use of masks as problematic skin always remains problematic and always requires special care. The only way to help cosmetologist without a professional to achieve the effect of fresh, healthy, whole, perfect skin.

Hair Mask with coffee

Heady fragrance, vigor and a unique taste of freshly brewed coffee makes it popular almost everywhere. But not everyone knows that coffee not only as perky and fragrant drink, but also for cosmetic purposes, such as for making facial scrub body and different masks for hair with coffee. more here

The effect of coffee mask

Local impact of natural coffee on hair is to strengthen hair follicles, thereby accelerating hair growth and prevents hair loss. Also coffee mask and rinse a positive effect on hair structure, strengthen grown late, smooth and envelop, making them smooth and shiny, and protect from harmful external influences.

How to cook instant hair mask?

Hair Mask with kavyMaksymalnyy masks the effect of coffee is achieved only when using high-quality raw materials. To prepare the masks should choose fresh coffee beans or ground buy, preferably small meal. Flavored coffee mix and instant coffee can have a negative effect on the scalp and hair, retain and allergies, and saturate hair with harmful chemicals. health

In preparation of masks may participate as ground coffee, and its broth and sediment. To prepare the broth take 3-4 teaspoons of dry coffee, pour a glass or two of hot water and cook for about five minutes and then filtered. Keep coffee decoction should not be, because over time it loses a lot of nutrients and becomes a breeding ground for germs. Stylist in Atlanta
Hair Mask with coffee, recipes

Here are examples of the most popular and easy to prepare masks and rinse hair with coffee.

Coffee balm

To make it brew coffee rather average fortress, cool and strain. Broth can rinse hair after washing or zbryzkuvaty before installation to give them shine, beautiful color and pleasant aroma.

Coffee mask hair oil ylang-ylang

For its preparation mix 1 tablespoon of ground coffee, 1 liter of broth and a few drops of chamomile essential oil. The mixture was put on washed hair and scalp massage, rinse with water. This mask will make hair strong and shiny, as part of the daisy healthier skin.
Mask coffee and Onion Interior Design Atlanta

Mix 1 tablespoon honey, onion juice, butter thistles and ground coffee. The mixture was put on hair and massage your scalp, wear a hat and wrap. After 20 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.

Get rid of the strong onion smell can spolosnuvshy hair kefir, a weak solution of vinegar or mustard water.

This mask is great for those who want to quickly grow long healthy her hair, make hair more dense and stop hair loss.

Mask “coffee with milk”

For its preparation will take 100 ml milk, 2 tablespoons of coffee, a tablespoon of honey, egg yolk and favorite essential oil for hair, if desired – 1 tablespoon. l. cognac. Brew coffee milk, egg yolk, add hot broth and stir quickly to prevent it from boiled and honey and a few drops of oil. The mixture on the hair stand up about a quarter of an hour, then wash off with warm water. read info

This mask will make hair soft and shiny and hairstyle – volume.
Beware of coffee!

Any cosmetic with coffee contain much caffeine as high blood pressure should not overdo it with coffee masks. In addition, when applied to the skin of coffee can cause allergies, so before first use masks advisable to test for elbow bend. Limo Service Atlanta

Coffee makes hair beautiful, shiny and fragrant, gives them a chic shade. However, the use of instant masks and balms can only brunettes or chestnut, at least red. In light hair coffee
can behave unpredictably, paint them in the most unimaginable colors.

Good makeup for brown eyes – night and day

Brown-eyed beauties makeup can pick almost any shades. Effectively emphasize the beauty of the eye purple, blue and green colors. Also prevents beautician put chocolate, bronze and peach shade. Good makeup for brown eyes may also combine contrasting colors, but an important


 question remains harmony as make-up should not be a failure or vulgar.

Interesting blend between a purple and white or bronze and beige shades. Depending on the circumstances makeup can realize both muted and in rich colors. The main thing – is to express their position, with makeup to tell about themselves or, remain a mystery. window repair Miami

Makeup for brown eyes: the main rules

To look at any time of day amazing, you must follow when selecting makeup simple but important rules:

Accuracy and consistency of the application of shadows;

Even complexion;

The correct combination of shades of shadows.

Good makeup for brown eyes can not apply without following set of simple truths.
How to choose makeup for brown-eyed ladies?


The main rule is that the shade created for karehlazok, not vice versa. For ladies with white, pink skin suit cold bright colors – the color fuchsia and green-sea, bright blue. For women with light brown eyes you can choose olive brown-gamma.


For the ladies with light brown hair ideal becomes brown mascara. That’s just to pick up carcasses of prolonging effect for brown-eyed beauties do not need, because they have the nature of thick lashes that should not be repeatedly increased.

21 Battery Park

 Some makeup artists believe that brown-eyed girls mascara is not needed at all. clean Miami

Eye makeup for brown eyes: tips

To do daily makeup for brown eyes, use olive, light brown, beige and pale pink tones. pets in USA

Light shade for the base should be applied to the upper eyelid to brow. This can be a delicate light beige color. Darker tones for shadow should be imposed from the outside corner of the eye to the center. Using a round brush, carefully feather border between the shadows. To emphasize your eyes, you can draw a neat line growth of eyelashes, and the internal parts of the eye cause shadows flickering effect. computer repair Miami

Before applying mascara on the lashes applied powder. It is necessary that cilia are not stuck together and were fluffy.

Evening makeup for brown eyes: the secret charm

Good makeup for brown eyes – evening and dennyyBilsh bright and expressive, profound and fascinating to be evening makeup for brown eyes. In this regard, unlimited opportunities for the experiment. You can use bold and saturated colors. Do not bypass the attention and contrasting shades. One can use the pink and black, black and white, purple and white colors. dentist Miami

Prepare and even out tone should face the same way as when applying make-up day. Then the eyebrows should tint shadows or a pencil, a layer of light pearlescent eye shadow applied to the upper eyelid and outer corner of the eye should be emphasized by dark shadows. Contrast tint applied from the center of the century to the inner corner of the eye. Using a round brush should shade the border between the shadows. Ink is applied in two layers, and the border affects the eye liner. stylist Miami

Why are cracked lips?

Determine why cracked lips can separate forces. A little information and careful study of the problem will understand the root cause of the deterioration of the appearance of the lips. If you as soon as possible to get rid of the defect, it is better to turn to an experienced beautician for help.  read info
Why cracked lips

Loss of moisture. Lack of water in the body leads to cracks not only on the lips. A thin layer of sebum designed to retain moisture inside, but for several reasons it may disappear.

Adverse weather conditions. Cold, dry weather gusts of wind or solar hot days are able to retain her lips in a short period of time. Most lip dehydration occurs in winter. limo service Miami

The reaction to the medication. Side effects from treatment may include dry lips. Most are provocateurs retinoids, high doses of vitamin A, isoniazid, lithium, fenotiazin. If there is every reason to believe that dehydration caused lips medication, you should discuss this with your doctor watching. dance Miami

Allergy. Among the stimuli may be the favorite cosmetics (lipsticks, lip cream lip) and toothpaste. Verification of each vehicle used for the purposes oblychchyastoyi hygiene should identify possible allergen. In lipstick often this stuff serves propylhallat, and toothpastes – sodium lauryl sulfate.

Bad Habits. The constant licking of the lips leads to increased evaporation from the surface of saliva, resulting in loss of precious moisture inside. As a consequence – easily cracked lips with light tension (eg Smile or calls). Another bad habit is snoring, which pushes the dry air and leads to the fact that dry lips.

Various diseases. Herpes on the lips, strange formation, fungal lesions may begin with, cracked lips corners. In this case, it is better to see a specialist for examination than to self-medicate or simply ignore the problem. spa service Miami

Found: cracked lips. What shall I do?

The desire to look good naturally to anyone regardless of gender. Natural smile in the contract, oblychchyaste constant communication with customers or suppliers, there has been a demand photoshoot beautiful lips without a hint of a crack. It should act without delay to address the problem of cracks on the lips.

After the cause of dry lips apply the appropriate treatment. Everything connected with pharmacology (side effect of drugs discovered disease) requires communication with your doctor. In other cases, you can operate independently.

First, try to fix the problem, drink more water, remove the allergen from the cosmetics, get rid of bad habits. Yes, the weather outside is unlikely to be changed, but pick up the necessary protective means – quite on forces.

To speed up the healing process can use special cosmetics or remember people’s tips:

Make delicate massage terry cloth (to enhance circulation) and apply on lips thin layer of honey. It works well both in pure form and in combination with apple, chopped on a fine grater.

Mix 1 tsp castor oil and 1 tsp boric Vaseline, putting a thin layer of the lips for 20 minutes is best used as a preventive measure, if there were cases of dehydration lips.

If an allergic reaction to honey, you should regularly lubricated lip butter. This method not only moisturizes lips but also nourishes their vitamin A.

If the year starts in the autumn issue of cracks on the lips, then the best solution is prevention of their formation. Pretty good pick advance chapstick and without it showing on the outside.

Why do people snore?

Night in the same room with a man – a real nightmare. It hovayeshsya under the pillow, then pushes it aside, then whiz … As a result, no rest, no vysypayeshsya. Moreover, the snorers suffer from your snoring.

His body loses oxygen, because of which all organs and systems suffer. Especially the brain, which can fully relax and recover. Why do people snore? How to help him? more
Why do people snore?

Snoring – a medical problem. And his reasons are often associated with health problems. Although we can not ignore the hereditary factor. Children whose parents snore, with a greater share of probability will also snore. Consider the mechanism of snoring.

In a healthy person the stylist in Madison of the soft palate and tongue constantly in tone. Their voltage necessary to maintain the upper respiratory tract in the clear. If for some reason the muscles relax, the lumen narrows.  Accordingly, access to air partially blocked. Man inhales and relaxed soft palate and the root of the tongue begin to “shake”. So intermittent sound. It also is snoring.

Most people snore when sleeping on your back. The jaw is relaxed in this position, and his mouth opened. “Modulations” become clearer and louder. Why do people snore? dentist Miami

Snoring – a sign of respiratory disorders. The disorder may be minimal (runny nose, for example), and can be quite serious syndrome (obstructive sleep apnea).

The causes of snoring:

diseases of the nasopharynx and larynx (rhinitis, bronchitis, sore throat, etc.);
decrease in muscle tone of the soft palate and tongue (due to age, obesity, alcohol, smoking, some medications);
increase adenoids (a common cause of snoring in children);
sagging soft palate, tongue increase;
congenital curvature of the nasal septum. stylist Miami

When a person snores every night, this is not normal. Lack of oxygen leads to tissue hypoxia. Sometimes breath snoring during the last 15-20 seconds. And the body is dangerous. Lack of oxygen – is stressful for the organs and tissues:

brain – increases the risk of stroke, disorders of higher nervous activity;
for the heart – increased risk of heart attacks;
for the endocrine system – normal metabolism is possible only under constant with oxygen; regular violations of metabolic processes cause loss of strength, depressed mood and fatigue.

Therefore, we must deal with snoring. It is unnatural, like yawning, for example (I wonder why people yawn?).


If a person snoring causes congenital deformities face, muscles, cartilage, nose, mouth, pharynx, then it can only help plastic surgeons. If snoring is temporary (due to colds or allergies), then you need to treat the underlying disease.

Unfortunately, sprays or pills no snoring. You can try to reduce the effect of provoking factors or completely eliminate them:

Every night do wet cleaning in the bedroom (in a humidified room to breathe more easily).
Change pillow or even remove it (unnatural bends the neck during sleep reinforce snoring).
Lose weight (obese people snore more often).
Perform exercises that strengthen muscle corset in the mouth (circular movements of the lower jaw, his procrastination forced down with a closed mouth, teeth clench the rubber tube).

There are mechanical methods against snoring:

silicone mask through which air is pumped into the nostrils under pressure;
bandage under the jaw, does not allow to open his mouth;
device that holds the lower jaw in the extended position (done in bite insmidualno patient);
cervical electrostimulators;
nose “pin”.

Annually through obstructive respiratory arrest people die. Snorers worse working and focusing, so often get in a car accident. Many families break up because of snoring. Most of this problem faced by men and the elderly. But no one is safe from snoring. Even children snore. more info

Why do people speak in a dream?

phenomenon known since ancient times. But scientific interpretation it has not received. Why do people speak in a dream? Often this feature they inherit from their ancestors. It happens that one and the same person suffers from sleepwalking and from somnylokvyy. Most men talking in his sleep, than women. But why?

we always dream pravsma man tells stories, he describes what happened in real life; dance studio Miami

when a person very much afraid to let out a dream, it remains a mystery to him; of a specific event, he did not tell.

Nightly talks are useless “boltunam” damage. Except in cases where the wrong man, for example, is recognized as a strong sense of his mistress. But sleep mumbling prevents those nearby. As snoring or involuntary twitching. I wonder why people twitches in his sleep?

Snohovorenyya reasons unknown. Researchers call only precipitating factors:

close relatives (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather) talked in his sleep;
mental stylist in Madison;
prolonged use of certain drugs (particularly drugs that are directed to the human psyche);
severe stress, emotional distress during the day);
high body temperature caused by other diseases;
drug addiction. spa Miami

How to treat “night talkers”?

There are no medications to treat somnylokvyy not exist. But you can protect yourself from emotional conversations while you sleep. At least try.

First, always ventilate the room before going to bed.

Second, remove the stress accumulated during the day. Take a walk outdoors. Exit to the balcony. Take a warm bath with essential oils. Take sex (this technique always helps – research established fact). In no case do not drink before bedtime strong coffee or tea. Never smoke or smitsya TV before going to bed. Do not drink alcohol in large doses. If emotions overwhelmed, but inside everything is shaking, take a sedative.

Thirdly, normalize vacation mode. Time to lie down and get up at the same time. Never nayidaytesya bedtime.

If the night you said that it was impossible to say, refuse to last. Not necessarily immediately recognized or repent. You can explain your words recently viewed movie, violent imagination, greatly influenced the events you read the book.

Why do children speak in a dream?

Baby talk in his sleep concerned parents. But in most cases, snohovorinnya absolutely harmless. The main reason – the unstable nervous system of a young child. He studies around the world know it. For every event leaves a deep mark in a little heart.

Children’s day is usually filled with strong emotions and vivid impressions. Snohovorinnya in some cases helps the baby adapt to the world. It is noticed that kids mumbles when one phase of sleep changes the other. They seemed to lull themselves. Kids who are just learning to talk, often “train” a dream, speak new words and phrases.

Tips for parents:

do not play with the kids in the evening outdoor games, read or better pomalyuyte together;
do not cry for the child before bedtime;
Do not let your child fall asleep watching television while watching cartoons;
not scare your child Baba Yahoyu or wolves (and other non-existent horror stories). more here

The child should sleep safely in a well-ventilated, even slightly cool room.

If a kid says not only dream, but also jumps up, screaming, often turns, creaks teeth, and long after waking up trying to concentrate, consult a neurologist. Perhaps the night chatter – a symptom of a more serious disorder.

Why do people hiccup?

Why do people hiccup? This question is every man when he attacked hiccup. Some face such trouble repeatedly. Unpleasant “IR” makes the whole body tremble. Sometimes it is a completely inappropriate moments. The most offensive that nothing you can do about it. Why do people hiccup? Coping with hiccups quickly?
Because what people hiccup? spa service Miami

Origin hiccups explains several versions. Funny, but they offered scientists minds.

1) The human body is the vagus nerve. It connects the central nervous system with stylist in Madison systems. His permanent residence is located between the chest and abdomen. Here is the diaphragm consists of muscles and tendons.

Under the influence of certain factors vagus nerve is injured and irritated. This situation is not like the body. After excessive activity of the vagus nerve may adversely affect internal organs. The brain, receiving signal glitches sends the appropriate signal to the point of breakage. window repair Miami

Rectify the situation has phrenic nerve. It makes actively reduced diaphragm. After all, there is a small hole, connecting the abdomen and chest. Intense diaphragm compression quiet vagus nerve. And everything goes back to normal. This process is called normalization hiccups.

What could make more active vagus nerve?

Quickly swallowing large chunks of food, overeating (excess tension esophagus injure vagus nerve).
An excessive amount of alcohol (alcohol – a poison to the digestive system).
Fear, severe stress (annoying factors for the entire nervous system, analysis of the emotional state can also answer the question why a person is talking in his sleep).
Awkward posture, cold (negative impacts on the nerves, forcing them to shrink much strain).

2) Hiccups – a reminder of its nature. Ancient people had zhabernoe breathing. Today, people do not need. But between convulsive muscle contraction (hiccups) and breathing gills have a lot in common. In the brain, likely still have the nerve centers, which in the past were responsible for zhabernoe breathing. The authors of this version are French scientists led by Christian Straus. pet grooming Miami

3) Hiccups – it kept sucking instinct. The brain remembers the way power in the newborn period.

Almost always harmless hiccup. But in some cases, it signals a serious disease in the body. Example,

pneumonia (infection in the chest can irritate the nerve endings of the sternum or aperture);
hiatal hernia (another name – H.Berhmanna syndrome);
Alcohol Poisoning (ikannya has a toxic nature);
liver disease (increased body irritates the diaphragm);
a malignant tumor in the retrosternal area (abnormal increase in any body next to her diaphragm can cause involuntary contractions).

Not least in this list are mental disorders.

Signs of abnormal hiccups:

duration (hours or more);
frequency (several times a day);
related anxiety symptoms (heartburn, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, etc.).

Getting rid of hiccups?

Annoying and sudden “IKI” made people invent not a cure for hiccups:

Make the esophagus reduced. Then relax the diaphragm. To do this, click on the root of the tongue, as if trying to cause a gag reflex. Do not overdo it.

Drink water in small sips at the same flat rate. The minimum amount – a glass.

Drink or eat something very bitter or sour.

Resolves refined piece.

Pull down the tip of the tongue.

Take a few deep breaths. Then inhale and hold your breath. Slowly count to ten. Hiccups should go faster.

Make the tense muscles in the diaphragm. You can make a few tilts, raising torso, push-ups with stop lying.

Stsepyte hands behind the castle. Trying to break his fast, but drink small sips a glass of cold water, which is in the hands of an assistant.

Questionable treatment for hiccups:

fear (do not know what the consequences will leave this method);

“Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedota with Fedota Jacob with Jacob all” (and similar spells in addition, incur the ugly annoying your neighbor “ISR”);

Switching attention (although rational in this way is not zatsyklyuyuchys on its hiccups, you force the brain to switch to more important things).

Why are gray hair in the young?

Salt and pepper gray hair shows the venerable age and a significant number of years behind. This idea evolved in our minds for many centuries. But gray hair at a young girl or boy looks abnormal.

Rather, we think the man stylist in Madison severe grief, which in an instant zostarilo it. Perhaps so. Let’s see why gray hair in the young.
Why gray hair, uncontrollable factors

The color of our hair depends on the kind of melanin – the pigment that is produced in melanocytes, the special cells of the bulb. Eumelanin “colors” in the dark hair and brown shades.

Feomelanin – a blonde and red. If melanocytes cease to function and lose their activity, the hair does not get “paint” and becomes gray or colorless. A failure can occur for various reasons:

genetic predisposition (at the gene level defined premature aging functions, some cells slow down their activity has twenty years);

hormonal disorders (any hormonal failure leads to irreversible consequences, no one will ever guess on which system “hit hormone”; hormonal background can lead to early graying);

long chronic disease (dysfunction of one system of the body inevitably leads to failure in the other systems as chronic heart disease or stomach can affect the condition of hair);

Diseases of the musculoskeletal tissues and skin (impaired blood flow in the muscles or skin, is associated with the disease can lead to loss of activity of the cells of hair follicles).

Some diseases can cause temporary hair graying. Proper treatment successfully solves these problems. Triggers disappears – vanishes gray.
Early gray hair: managed reasons

Some factors that trigger gray hair, we can influence. Therefore, they allocate a separate group and consider the problem in terms of its solution. So why gray hair and how to avoid it.

First, premature aging of the hair – the result of frequent stress and depression. Today young people are in constant stress: the struggle for a career, “vyhryzanye” their living space, intrigue and mischief colleagues oblychchyaste rapid and rich life, the constant lack of money, the crazy pace of learning, etc. etc.

From all this body wears out quickly, the nervous system is exhausted, life processes are slowed down. The result – premature aging and the appearance of gray hair.

Moreover, strong moral shock leads to a spasm of cerebral vessels responsible for nutrition of hair. Because of this hair begins to turn gray, fall, split, etc. There are situations where a few hours head man is completely gray.

Some surgeons, for example, during a difficult operation may become completely gray. Such a fate awaits and fighter pilot, and a taxi driver on his head is placed a gun, and educator who walk on “lost” children. Any person who was in a state of extremely high levels of stress.

What to do?

Learn relieve tension, to behave properly in stressful situations to master techniques of complacency and relaxation.

Second, unbalanced diet, frequent diet. Hair does not get inside the required nutrients, and therefore begin to lose brightness and color. Loss of pigment also promotes the use of large amounts of salt, coffee and drugs.

What to do?

Normalize food to fill the lack of proteins of plant and animal origin in the diet, copper, zinc, iron, vitamin B10. These minerals containing cucumbers, pork liver, hazelnuts, oysters, wheat germ, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, peas, beef, dairy products, eggs, potatoes, fish, mushrooms, nuts and seeds.

Thirdly, frequent hair coloring. Entrance into the paint chemicals gradually destroy the natural pigment produced by melanocytes. After three years of regular colorings may be the first gray hair.

What to do?

To love your natural hair color. Nature could not make a mistake by choosing a shade of hair. And for better or worse with a particular hair color – is purely subjective (someone like, some do not). If you really want, you can use less harmful vidtinochnymy shampoos and balms.

Finally, bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of proper rest, poor environment are also culprits appearance of early gray hair. Thus, premature graying of hair – the result of aging in general or individual organs.

Violation of the normal life of the internal man leads to failure in the production of melanin, which is responsible for the color.

Why are teary eyes?

Why watery eyes? With this question often turn to an ophthalmologist.

The problem is widespread, but the reasons may be different from normal fatigue to serious stylist in Madison. Get rid of excessive tearing can only be known when the cause.
Constant tearing eyes: Causes

Lacrimation may be accompanied by other signs: red squirrel eyes feel itchy. Man binding his state of any disease. And most of all, he’s right. All these symptoms occur due to irritation of nerve endings as a result of eye disease or overall health.

Why watery eyes? The main reasons:

1) Conjunctivitis.

Infectious inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes. It can be transmitted by airborne droplets or have an allergic nature. Symptoms:

redness proteins;
severe itching;
profuse watery eyes;
may be festering (morning).

2) allergies.

One of the most common allergic reactions – increased lacrimation and severe itching in the area of the eye. Since the bodies of responding to external stimuli:

fur and feces of animals;
cigarette smoke;
volatile chemicals (industrial enterprises, a result of washing powders, aerosols);
home and industrial dust;
cosmetics (mascara, eye shadow, cream eye, makeup remover lotion).

Allergic reaction – watery eyes – appears almost immediately after exposure to the allergen.

3) Inflammatory processes in the body.

If the disease is accompanied by a runny nose, cough, the next will go and tearing. Respiratory and vision are nearby, so the “sharing” infections.

4) Wrong organization of workplace fatigue.

Working in poorly lit environments, long korpenye on the books of small and fuzzy type, long sitting at the computer monitor or TV screen before. Add here regular lack of sleep, stress, tension and get red eyes and tears.

5) Poor or incorrectly matched lenses.

This group causes include attempted to save his vision. In the lens is a term wear. When he does not comply, the possible consequences. Watery eyes, blush. Chases foreign body sensation.

Of great importance is the right care for lenses: quality liquid, regular washing, good storage.

6) Lack of potassium and vitamin B2.

This is particularly felt during intense physical or mental work. Possible accompanying symptoms:

sleepiness and fear of bright light;
cold feet;

Fortunately, watery eyes is not always due to illness. There may be ordinary physiological processes in response to the following factors:

frost or wind;
bright sun;
yawning or laughing;
waking up after a night of sleep.

Constant tearing eyes: what to do?

First, determine the cause. If there is an allergy or conjunctivitis, the necessary assistance ophthalmologist. In most cases of conjunctivitis are appointed by eye drops, antibiotics. When it comes to allergies, you should interrupt the contact with the allergen (and then avoid it) and take antihistamines (Suprastin example).

In other cases, people can help recipes:

Lotions freshly brewed tea.

Lotions warm chamomile broth. It is possible to add plantain daisy, cornflower, marigold and thyme.

If redness and pain make a mask of grated fresh potatoes (more than forty minutes). On this day, you need to give your eyes a rest from monitors, books, on television, cosmetics.

If fatigue is useful millet. Two tablespoons of cereals to brew a liter of boiling water (after boiling – seven minutes). Broth rinse eyes for half an hour before bedtime. And just before going to bed to do five-minute gadgets.

Assist with tearing and fennel seeds. A tablespoon of raw pour two cups of cold water. Bring to a boil, turn off the fire and leave for several hours under a closed lid. Before going to bed lotions make ten-minute warm broth.

When manure is recommended to wash the eyes or boric acid furatsillina three times a day. And at night – a mask of fresh cheese (wrapped in cheesecloth).

Lotions landysheva infusion (in a teaspoon of dry mixture per cup of boiling water, leave for half an hour).

Do not neglect preventive measures. Let your eyes rest: smitsya at the sky, green trees in between work, do rotational movements of the eyes, pat the face with cold water. When working at the computer, do exercises for eyes every half hour.
When a baby slezytsya eyes?

Many young mothers notice that their crumbs watery eyes or just one. After sleeping in the corners can accumulate pus. Why?

Dakriotsystyt newborn. This infectious disease is associated with inflammation in the lacrimal-nasal kanalchyke baby.

Tear-nasal canal child in the womb protected zhelatynoznyy special membrane. Its function – to prevent flow into the lungs of amniotic fluid. The first born baby cry must break through this membrane. But not always happen. Cork in tears, nasal canal may remain. Then tears stagnate, bacteria in a moist environment to actively proliferate, there is an infection. Its main features:

redness or swelling;
purulent discharge;
souring eye after sleep (when you press the lacrimal sac can produce pus).

These problems can be in one spectacle or two.

Dakriotsystyt well treated infants massages, special drops (appoint a doctor) and careful maintenance. If these methods do not help, use sensing. The procedure is very painful. Performed under local anesthesia. Since this operation is the eye of the baby, look for highly qualified professionals in the field.

What elevates legs at night?

Many women once want to know what drives the legs at night. This does not mean that men are not concerned about this problem. Just the weaker sex often suffer Court stylist in Madison than representatives of a strong half of mankind.

What are the most popular causes such unpleasant painful sensations? Getting rid of the problem? – All questions related to nocturnal seizures, these answers below in the text …
Why at night reduces leg cramp:

Overexertion of the muscles throughout the day. Provocateurs can become not only an obvious exercise, but wearing uncomfortable shoes, work on legs and even sleep in one position. What elevates legs at night when the load was day? During sleep, the body tries to relax. Also started checking all systems.

At some point in time a muscle is severely reduced, and can not relax. The situation resembles zaklynyv castle that movement stopper key. To eliminate painful sensations must do everything possible to relax the muscle.

Flatfoot. People with flat feet often make mistakes in assessing their capabilities. Leg muscles tense for much of the day trying to withstand the load placed on them. At night cramp leg reduces as the shoes do not meet the degree flat. Suffice to consult with orthopedist about choosing the right shoes, the frequency of night court dramatically reduced.

Pregnancy. The organism is experiencing a double burden. At the foot crushes growing weight. In addition, gaps in the diet leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals. The poorer diet, more often reduces leg cramp during pregnancy. Expectant mother is very important to replenish supplies of calcium, magnesium and potassium in the body. These minerals are responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system and the rapid relaxation of muscles after exercise. Appoint multivitamin preparations for pregnant doctor can only watch.

Hypothermia feet. Severe cold is a protective reflex in the muscles – tremors. Such a reaction is difficult to immediately drown, so it is important to promptly restore blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Lack of micronutrients. When it comes to convulsions, first think of calcium, potassium and magnesium. In practice impossible “by eye” to determine what is missing trace elements in the body. We’ll have to visit a doctor to hand over biochemical, and impartially examine the information.

The situation will change daily, because people always something to eat. But the starting point will still be date of the last analysis, not speculation about replenishing the body microelements.

Venous insufficiency or atherosclerosis. On the issue should touch up the frequent appearance in court calves feet. Only a doctor can diagnose diseases of the circulatory system. The same applies to prescribed treatment. What suits one can seriously harm the other. You can not trust the diagnosis of correspondence via the Internet.

Stress factors. Active adrenaline, tension and depression leads to a decrease of calcium in the body. As a result, violated the nervous system, decreasing the speed of muscle contraction.

Sweating. Sweating reduces the amount of magnesium in the body. This explains the fact that in summer time the frequency of leg cramps increases by an order.

First aid with the appearance of cramps in leg

It is difficult at night when the leg is heard hellish pain include logical thinking. Therefore, an action plan in case of appearance of seizures should be developed more in the evening. It is important to restore normal muscle tone and bring down tensions that arose.

The simplest response with the appearance of pain – stand the cold floor and straighten. But sometimes it is very difficult to do, so try to use other options.

In a deep breath recommended toe grab arms, which is reduced by the Court, and strongly pull them over. This position of the lower extremity stretching spazmyrovannuyu muscle pain and back down. To facilitate the transition to a state of “socks on a” can do all the foot traffic raskachyvayuschye. Once the spasm is weakening the muscles begin to massage the affected area until complete withdrawal discomfort.

While very strong cramps permitted careful massaging calves and foot, from the fingertips and ending knee. Rubbing, patting and tingling tense muscles will reduce pain. To avoid new seizures during bedtime feet lay folded blanket.

From repetitive seizures get rid of the help warming ointment, vodka or apple cider vinegar. Sometimes conventional wet compresses to help warm water. That heat helps to relax the muscles, reducing their nervous sensitivity.