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Why are teary eyes?

Why watery eyes? With this question often turn to an ophthalmologist.

The problem is widespread, but the reasons may be different from normal fatigue to serious stylist in Madison. Get rid of excessive tearing can only be known when the cause.
Constant tearing eyes: Causes

Lacrimation may be accompanied by other signs: red squirrel eyes feel itchy. Man binding his state of any disease. And most of all, he’s right. All these symptoms occur due to irritation of nerve endings as a result of eye disease or overall health.

Why watery eyes? The main reasons:

1) Conjunctivitis.

Infectious inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes. It can be transmitted by airborne droplets or have an allergic nature. Symptoms:

redness proteins;
severe itching;
profuse watery eyes;
may be festering (morning).

2) allergies.

One of the most common allergic reactions – increased lacrimation and severe itching in the area of the eye. Since the bodies of responding to external stimuli:

fur and feces of animals;
cigarette smoke;
volatile chemicals (industrial enterprises, a result of washing powders, aerosols);
home and industrial dust;
cosmetics (mascara, eye shadow, cream eye, makeup remover lotion).

Allergic reaction – watery eyes – appears almost immediately after exposure to the allergen.

3) Inflammatory processes in the body.

If the disease is accompanied by a runny nose, cough, the next will go and tearing. Respiratory and vision are nearby, so the “sharing” infections.

4) Wrong organization of workplace fatigue.

Working in poorly lit environments, long korpenye on the books of small and fuzzy type, long sitting at the computer monitor or TV screen before. Add here regular lack of sleep, stress, tension and get red eyes and tears.

5) Poor or incorrectly matched lenses.

This group causes include attempted to save his vision. In the lens is a term wear. When he does not comply, the possible consequences. Watery eyes, blush. Chases foreign body sensation.

Of great importance is the right care for lenses: quality liquid, regular washing, good storage.

6) Lack of potassium and vitamin B2.

This is particularly felt during intense physical or mental work. Possible accompanying symptoms:

sleepiness and fear of bright light;
cold feet;

Fortunately, watery eyes is not always due to illness. There may be ordinary physiological processes in response to the following factors:

frost or wind;
bright sun;
yawning or laughing;
waking up after a night of sleep.

Constant tearing eyes: what to do?

First, determine the cause. If there is an allergy or conjunctivitis, the necessary assistance ophthalmologist. In most cases of conjunctivitis are appointed by eye drops, antibiotics. When it comes to allergies, you should interrupt the contact with the allergen (and then avoid it) and take antihistamines (Suprastin example).

In other cases, people can help recipes:

Lotions freshly brewed tea.

Lotions warm chamomile broth. It is possible to add plantain daisy, cornflower, marigold and thyme.

If redness and pain make a mask of grated fresh potatoes (more than forty minutes). On this day, you need to give your eyes a rest from monitors, books, on television, cosmetics.

If fatigue is useful millet. Two tablespoons of cereals to brew a liter of boiling water (after boiling – seven minutes). Broth rinse eyes for half an hour before bedtime. And just before going to bed to do five-minute gadgets.

Assist with tearing and fennel seeds. A tablespoon of raw pour two cups of cold water. Bring to a boil, turn off the fire and leave for several hours under a closed lid. Before going to bed lotions make ten-minute warm broth.

When manure is recommended to wash the eyes or boric acid furatsillina three times a day. And at night – a mask of fresh cheese (wrapped in cheesecloth).

Lotions landysheva infusion (in a teaspoon of dry mixture per cup of boiling water, leave for half an hour).

Do not neglect preventive measures. Let your eyes rest: smitsya at the sky, green trees in between work, do rotational movements of the eyes, pat the face with cold water. When working at the computer, do exercises for eyes every half hour.
When a baby slezytsya eyes?

Many young mothers notice that their crumbs watery eyes or just one. After sleeping in the corners can accumulate pus. Why?

Dakriotsystyt newborn. This infectious disease is associated with inflammation in the lacrimal-nasal kanalchyke baby.

Tear-nasal canal child in the womb protected zhelatynoznyy special membrane. Its function – to prevent flow into the lungs of amniotic fluid. The first born baby cry must break through this membrane. But not always happen. Cork in tears, nasal canal may remain. Then tears stagnate, bacteria in a moist environment to actively proliferate, there is an infection. Its main features:

redness or swelling;
purulent discharge;
souring eye after sleep (when you press the lacrimal sac can produce pus).

These problems can be in one spectacle or two.

Dakriotsystyt well treated infants massages, special drops (appoint a doctor) and careful maintenance. If these methods do not help, use sensing. The procedure is very painful. Performed under local anesthesia. Since this operation is the eye of the baby, look for highly qualified professionals in the field.

What elevates legs at night?

Many women once want to know what drives the legs at night. This does not mean that men are not concerned about this problem. Just the weaker sex often suffer Court stylist in Madison than representatives of a strong half of mankind.

What are the most popular causes such unpleasant painful sensations? Getting rid of the problem? – All questions related to nocturnal seizures, these answers below in the text …
Why at night reduces leg cramp:

Overexertion of the muscles throughout the day. Provocateurs can become not only an obvious exercise, but wearing uncomfortable shoes, work on legs and even sleep in one position. What elevates legs at night when the load was day? During sleep, the body tries to relax. Also started checking all systems.

At some point in time a muscle is severely reduced, and can not relax. The situation resembles zaklynyv castle that movement stopper key. To eliminate painful sensations must do everything possible to relax the muscle.

Flatfoot. People with flat feet often make mistakes in assessing their capabilities. Leg muscles tense for much of the day trying to withstand the load placed on them. At night cramp leg reduces as the shoes do not meet the degree flat. Suffice to consult with orthopedist about choosing the right shoes, the frequency of night court dramatically reduced.

Pregnancy. The organism is experiencing a double burden. At the foot crushes growing weight. In addition, gaps in the diet leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals. The poorer diet, more often reduces leg cramp during pregnancy. Expectant mother is very important to replenish supplies of calcium, magnesium and potassium in the body. These minerals are responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system and the rapid relaxation of muscles after exercise. Appoint multivitamin preparations for pregnant doctor can only watch.

Hypothermia feet. Severe cold is a protective reflex in the muscles – tremors. Such a reaction is difficult to immediately drown, so it is important to promptly restore blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Lack of micronutrients. When it comes to convulsions, first think of calcium, potassium and magnesium. In practice impossible “by eye” to determine what is missing trace elements in the body. We’ll have to visit a doctor to hand over biochemical, and impartially examine the information.

The situation will change daily, because people always something to eat. But the starting point will still be date of the last analysis, not speculation about replenishing the body microelements.

Venous insufficiency or atherosclerosis. On the issue should touch up the frequent appearance in court calves feet. Only a doctor can diagnose diseases of the circulatory system. The same applies to prescribed treatment. What suits one can seriously harm the other. You can not trust the diagnosis of correspondence via the Internet.

Stress factors. Active adrenaline, tension and depression leads to a decrease of calcium in the body. As a result, violated the nervous system, decreasing the speed of muscle contraction.

Sweating. Sweating reduces the amount of magnesium in the body. This explains the fact that in summer time the frequency of leg cramps increases by an order.

First aid with the appearance of cramps in leg

It is difficult at night when the leg is heard hellish pain include logical thinking. Therefore, an action plan in case of appearance of seizures should be developed more in the evening. It is important to restore normal muscle tone and bring down tensions that arose.

The simplest response with the appearance of pain – stand the cold floor and straighten. But sometimes it is very difficult to do, so try to use other options.

In a deep breath recommended toe grab arms, which is reduced by the Court, and strongly pull them over. This position of the lower extremity stretching spazmyrovannuyu muscle pain and back down. To facilitate the transition to a state of “socks on a” can do all the foot traffic raskachyvayuschye. Once the spasm is weakening the muscles begin to massage the affected area until complete withdrawal discomfort.

While very strong cramps permitted careful massaging calves and foot, from the fingertips and ending knee. Rubbing, patting and tingling tense muscles will reduce pain. To avoid new seizures during bedtime feet lay folded blanket.

From repetitive seizures get rid of the help warming ointment, vodka or apple cider vinegar. Sometimes conventional wet compresses to help warm water. That heat helps to relax the muscles, reducing their nervous sensitivity.

Vessels smoker

There is an elegant man and suddenly stopped in the street. The face mask of suffering. A few minutes later as if nothing had happened, smiling and continues on his way. What’s the matter? In extreme pain. more info

Especially sharp pain manifests itself when climbing up stairs for example. It forces stop or slow down. After 2-4 minutes the pain disappears. But once again embark on a journey as she returns. And so it is repeated again and again: stylist in Madison – pain – rest, walking – pain – rest. This is intermittent claudication – a symptom, unfortunately, familiar to many first-hand. Her reason – insufficient blood supply to the muscles of the lower limbs, which occurs when the load. At this time, your muscles need more oxygen, but the leg arteries can not cope with their work. Oxygen is not fed in the proper amount, and this signal muscle pain. Intermittent claudication – a symptom of “related” diseases: obliterating endarteritis and obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities. In this and in the other case the legs are affected artery. However, the reasons leading to this different. When occlusive disease occurs vasospasm. Prolonged spasm leads to a change in the inner wall of the artery, its coarsening, thickening. As a result, suffer from limb tissue. Endarteriit typical for men aged 20-30 years. The cause of atherosclerosis obliterans – all known atherosclerotic plaque: the place of accumulation of cholesterol and other fats. Atherosclerosis – a systematic process, it affects the arteries in many organs. In addition to the lower limbs, his “prey” are the brain, heart, kidneys. Atherosclerotic plaque grows into the lumen of the arteries, blood clots are formed, and blood flow to the lower extremities deteriorates. Atherosclerosis affects, as a rule, large vessels: the aorta, the iliac arteries, the arteries extending from her thigh and shin. The higher the pain is felt, the closer to the heart of the affected artery, the disease is more severe. In atherosclerosis, a “contingent” – men older than 40. The vast majority of them – krovoszhaozhenie kurilschiki.Poskolku tissue decreases, the remain- ing cells without oxygen mertveyut die – unless INDICATES gangrene. And then the inevitable amputation – finger, foot, calf, knee, thigh … Scary. Especially when you consider that the disabled are young, able-bodied men. Necrosis may develop gradually, and may occur suddenly. A sharp pain in his leg said that the crash occurred.

What is more manifest zaolevaniya arteries?

There are coldness, tingling, burning sensation in the fingertips. Leg fades, it becomes cool to the touch. The skin of feet and legs dry, scaly. Slow the growth of nails, hair fall on his leg. To clarify the cause of pain, the doctor will order tests, including rheovasography, thermography, ultrasound. One of the most informative methods of diagnostics of arterial disease – angiography – X-rays vessels after filling them with a special contrast agent. The information will give the doctor the opportunity to determine the treatment strategy, and the main thing – to decide whether surgery is necessary, bypass diseased arteries and the creation of a workaround for blood flow.

Proveritsostoyanie arteries can be yourself.

Sit with legs crossed. If the calf muscle feet located on top of the pain appears, and in the fingertips – numbness and crawling “chills” – then you are not all right.
Lift up both legs – in one of them, where the damaged artery, pale soles. If the skin on your feet acquired ivory, pain is felt not only in the lower leg, but in the thighs, buttocks and lower back, you, along with other troubles, threatened impotence (Leriche syndrome).
How to avoid the progression of the disease? info here

Usually in these cases the means used affecting blood coagulation. However, if during the treatment you continue to smoke, do not hesitate – you are wasting power and money. Smoke gave impetus to your troubles, and if you do not stop, it will complete the destruction of your blood vessels.

The effects of alcohol on the nervous system

Alcohol from the stomach into the blood within two minutes after consumption. The blood carries it to all cells of the body. First of all affected cells of the cerebral hemispheres. Worsens stylist in Madison reflex activity of man, slows down the formation of complex movements, changing the ratio of excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system. Under the influence of alcohol violations voluntary movements, the person loses the ability to govern themselves. more info
The penetration of the alcohol to the cells of the frontal lobe of the cortex liberates human emotions appear unjustified joy, silly laughter, lightness in his judgments. Following increases arousal in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain there is a sharp weakening of the braking process. Bark ceases to control the work of the lower parts of the brain. Man loses restraint, modesty, he says and does what is never said and would not do when sober. Each new batch of liquor increasingly paralyzes the higher nerve centers, like tying them up and not allowed to interfere in the activities of the lower parts of the brain: disturbed coordination of movements, such as eye movement (things start to see double), appears clumsy staggering gait. here

Violation of the nervous system and internal organs observed in any use of alcohol: one-time, occasional and systematic.

It is known that disorders of the nervous system are directly related to the concentration of alcohol in human blood. When the amount of alcohol is 0,04-0,05 per cent off the cerebral cortex, a person loses control over himself, loses the ability to talk intelligently. If the blood alcohol concentration of 0.1 percent inhibited the deeper parts of the brain that control movement. Human Movement are uncertain and are accompanied by causeless joy, animation, fussiness. However, 15 per cent of alcohol can cause depression, the desire to sleep. As the blood alcohol weakens a person’s ability to auditory and visual perceptions dulled speed of motor responses.

alcohol concentration of 0.2 per cent, affects the area of the brain that control emotional behavior. This awakening base instincts, there is a sudden aggressiveness.

If the blood alcohol concentration of 0.3 per cent of people though is conscious, but does not understand what he sees and hears. This is called alcoholic tiredness.

The concentration of alcohol in the blood leads to a 0.4 per cent loss of consciousness. Man falls asleep, his breathing becomes uneven, there is an involuntary bladder emptying. Sensitivity is absent. click here

When the concentration of alcohol in the blood of 0.6-0.7 per cent, death can occur. As a result of occasional intake of alcohol often develops addiction, unrestrained craving for alcohol – alcoholism.

Sphynx Cats

October 3 – The Animal Protection Day, and for me personally, this date is not just another formal “holiday”. Thrown into the street animals – cats, dogs – today just some scourge of Russian society. Help! Eva Brown, personal archive In my opinion, it is even one of the “economic barometer” in the country. here Once the Company is below the material in their income in the new stage of the crisis, so the street immediately appear many abandoned stray animals. Although a good host and the crisis will not expel favorite “child” on the street! The next date for Animal Welfare Day reminded me of a recent meeting at the entrance … With cats breed Sphynx I have faced in my life by accident! Before I could get out once the entrance to the street, in front of me there was a strange kitten – emaciated, covered with very short and stiff fur, with slanting almond-shaped eyes and a sharp snout, which plaintively mewed and rubbed me on the leg. How to refuse such essentially love and care? So in my house there was another representative of the family cat, and my cat Marta – new playful friend. Eva Brown, personal archive What our Klepa – Sphinx, I also found out by accident. Kitty got sick, and I took him to the reception to the vet, who determined his breed. It was then, and there were explanations of all its “strangeness” in food and behavior. more I watched my life and a lot of cats at home, and her friends, however, such as Klepa not yet stylist Madison. According to stereotypes, breed Sphynx cats are completely devoid of hair. According to legend, his hair these ancient cats presented to the gods, to warm them! And our Klepov have a small fur, but through it shines and is felt when stroking the skin rough. Fur of a kitten like little Curly, such as kucheryavenkme eyebrows and mustache. The colors of faces reminds siamese, so at first we decided that Klepa – Siam. However, trusting and affectionate disposition foundling refuted the version that he Siamese. When I read on the Internet about the sphinx, then all at once fell into place: the features of the coat, and the structure of faces and kitten body prove that we really Sphinx.  more info A flexible, kind and very sociable character Klepov – just another proof. As it turned out, our Klepa – an example of the Petersburg sphinxes varieties with short fur and bred in St. Petersburg in 1956. info These sphinxes are very nice and smart, they love to be friends with all – and with people and other cats. Very original food.