Good makeup for brown eyes – night and day

Brown-eyed beauties makeup can pick almost any shades. Effectively emphasize the beauty of the eye purple, blue and green colors. Also prevents beautician put chocolate, bronze and peach shade. Good makeup for brown eyes may also combine contrasting colors, but an important


 question remains harmony as make-up should not be a failure or vulgar.

Interesting blend between a purple and white or bronze and beige shades. Depending on the circumstances makeup can realize both muted and in rich colors. The main thing – is to express their position, with makeup to tell about themselves or, remain a mystery. window repair Miami

Makeup for brown eyes: the main rules

To look at any time of day amazing, you must follow when selecting makeup simple but important rules:

Accuracy and consistency of the application of shadows;

Even complexion;

The correct combination of shades of shadows.

Good makeup for brown eyes can not apply without following set of simple truths.
How to choose makeup for brown-eyed ladies?


The main rule is that the shade created for karehlazok, not vice versa. For ladies with white, pink skin suit cold bright colors – the color fuchsia and green-sea, bright blue. For women with light brown eyes you can choose olive brown-gamma.


For the ladies with light brown hair ideal becomes brown mascara. That’s just to pick up carcasses of prolonging effect for brown-eyed beauties do not need, because they have the nature of thick lashes that should not be repeatedly increased.

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 Some makeup artists believe that brown-eyed girls mascara is not needed at all. clean Miami

Eye makeup for brown eyes: tips

To do daily makeup for brown eyes, use olive, light brown, beige and pale pink tones. pets in USA

Light shade for the base should be applied to the upper eyelid to brow. This can be a delicate light beige color. Darker tones for shadow should be imposed from the outside corner of the eye to the center. Using a round brush, carefully feather border between the shadows. To emphasize your eyes, you can draw a neat line growth of eyelashes, and the internal parts of the eye cause shadows flickering effect. computer repair Miami

Before applying mascara on the lashes applied powder. It is necessary that cilia are not stuck together and were fluffy.

Evening makeup for brown eyes: the secret charm

Good makeup for brown eyes – evening and dennyyBilsh bright and expressive, profound and fascinating to be evening makeup for brown eyes. In this regard, unlimited opportunities for the experiment. You can use bold and saturated colors. Do not bypass the attention and contrasting shades. One can use the pink and black, black and white, purple and white colors. dentist Miami

Prepare and even out tone should face the same way as when applying make-up day. Then the eyebrows should tint shadows or a pencil, a layer of light pearlescent eye shadow applied to the upper eyelid and outer corner of the eye should be emphasized by dark shadows. Contrast tint applied from the center of the century to the inner corner of the eye. Using a round brush should shade the border between the shadows. Ink is applied in two layers, and the border affects the eye liner. stylist Miami