How To Change The Behavior Of Cats

Cats – marvelous creation, accompanying person on almost throughout its history. None of the human civilization was not without cats. Even when in Europe spread cat persecution, is closely related to a witch-hunt, people continued to love cats and keep them in their homes. And now the cat’s paw in hand with us step into a bright future, swinging fluffy, smooth-haired and hairless tails – it’s what got them there at birth. This close proximity to the feline led to the fact that a person interested in not only the cat’s appearance, which, by definition, pleases the human eye, comforts the soul and brightens any room, but the cat inside. read more Not from the standpoint of the pathologist, of course, but from the standpoint of psychology. Human psychology is very interested in the cat, the cat’s morals, manners and habits of a cat, the cat’s ability to love, hate, revenge, forgiveness and so on. In general, all that is the cat’s character. This is not surprising, because the cat is next to a man, and it just requires extensive knowledge about it. Very often the question arises about the cat’s conscience. Often we have to inquire chetverolapyh his favorites: “Well, there you have a conscience or anywhere ?!” We demand a reply from them about the presence or absence of conscience on various occasions and reasons. Photo: IngramPublishing, ┬ácat shat on your favorite rug, and chose the most prominent place – if she has a conscience, if she allows herself such actions? Cat flatly refuses to eat herring, but graciously agreed to hake – if she has a conscience with such gourmet manners and which is now put all bought for her herring? Cat sharpening its claws on freshly bought a couch, totally not paying attention to the special super-expensive scratching post or on an old chair, hiding in the corner of the room – is there a conscience of the furry creatures and that she did not love the new furniture? info Or maybe it’s dislike for the owner? The cat ran away to walk and work up a team of kittens – if she has a conscience that brought it all here in the lap? And where to now put the kittens? Cat met a girl, which the owner invited guests, and immediately shat in her handbag – if she has a conscience, and why she did it, maybe just jealous .. And so on and so forth, without a break for breakfast, lunch? and dinner. click here Question one, but global: Do cats conscience? And if not, how to negotiate with them? And if so, where it hides and how to awaken it?