How To Choose a Dry Food For Cats?

The main thing that separates the dry cat food into classes – their price category. And for those who wonder about what kind of dry food is better, and a lot to offer for lunch to his feline friend, it is important to first determine the differences in grades of the finished dry food for the animals. ¬†Avoid unwanted ingredientovFoto: Source The first rule: focus on your wallet The owner needs to decide how much he is willing to spend to feed the mustached-striped. By the way, to buy dry food of any class is not difficult, they are in a rich assortment includes both specialized (veterinary) stores and at markets, supermarkets, internet shops. more info The price of them, incidentally, may depend not only on the class, but also on the producer (domestic or foreign). Source Let’s go back to classes / categories cat ready to use (dry) feed cost. There are the following … Food Budget option cost. Judging from the name of the class, it is this food is inexpensive. But there is a fly in the ointment in this bait in the form of lower prices. This product quality. As a general rule, the manufacturer of dry pet food of the lower class, cost-effective ready-meals for cats rarely uses high-quality / expensive ingredients. Therefore veterinarians warn that regular intake of cat food just such dishes threatens him with the loss of health. Besides the fact that certain such feed contains meat / fish, it is not necessary nutrients and / vitamins. Replace them are soy and cereals, and even flavoring (scent to attract their customers) or other harmful chemicals. Even apparently healthy meals can play in comparison with higher quality (unnatural color, there is no trace of fat). read By the way, livestock (whimsical) can often be neglected by a meal and refuse to eat such food. Source The next class – commercial dry food – far away from the budget option. Such food is more expensive, better quality, tastier (cat), useful. Taste can embellish food additives. Premium Foods higher in the order. Here and in the main, the original raw materials, mainly – a natural (although here, too, a lot of meat will not find), and no additives that can harm the health, well-being of the cat. Even on such a diet vets do not advise to fully translate the pet. The most acceptable form of ready-made meals in the dry food for cats / Cats – super premium. The price is worth it, justified such a difference (compared with the budget food) composition. Here and balanced, easily digestible nutritional ingredients, and so the necessary cats natural meat, vegetables, cereals. Source The second rule: look at the composition Knowing the patterns and nuances of drawing up the correct composition of dry food, it is easy to navigate in a variety of cat dry food. The main ones are: 1) the meat / fish (preferably, of course, not offal) should be 30%; 2) required the presence of grains, vegetables and other phytocomponents – a total of about 20%; 3) it is important the presence of the feed (unless they are given to the animal separately) vitamins, mineral trace elements – 5%. This ideal composition of the finished food should be more balanced content of protein / carbs / fat. click here The first amino acid supply means, indispensable for the growth and development of the animal, as well as humans. Carbohydrates make seals more active, give them the strength to play, energy. Fats (even if your pet is recommended diet) are indispensable – they are Omega 3 and Omega 6. This is a direct benefit senses.