How To Properly Care For Pets

Our kittens is 3 months. Last month its still a very short life, they live with us. Very fun to watch as something every day in changing their habits and behavior. read here What made the success of our adorable pets? This will be discussed. Kittens-estetyTina Hellwig, personal archive Required Skills This did not have to teach them. They just remember where the cat room, tray, scratching posts and a bedroom. Compared with our previous pupils of Sonia and taxis, Smokey and Shed not sharpen their claws on the furniture, and perky sent to the kittens and practiced there who have claws sharper. Tina Hellwig, personal archives beginning as a bedroom for some reason they chose a place behind the chair. Perhaps, in their view, it is the safest place in the house where they had not been able to find. Cat’s psychology – a delicate matter, with a touch uneducated owner it does not understand!  more info We took them to the hostel rules. With all the food was easy. Small kittens must be fed 5 times a day. Forget about it, our pussies do not allow for a minute. In due time, they were both with the precision of an express train, and started “choral meow.” Do not need any alarm to understand that want to eat kittens. They gladly devours cat canned food, a little dry food. No milk or food with them to the table are not supposed to. Tina Hellwig, personal archive tree Cat Kittens quickly found “cat tree” with five levels. It was already badly battered Sonia and taxis, but our little pussies was not discouraged and they enthusiastically started its development. Almost immediately, they organized a race in the vertical, and the speed with which they moved up and down, was so high that one is seeing double and it seemed that the kittens are not two, but a whole army. Tina Hellwig, personal archive A little later, Smokey and Shed begun to arrange fights, first on one level, and then on different, with the one who was on top, always had the advantage. Fights on the tree followed by “sound design” in the key when in the dark cat stepping on the tail. On the cat tree kittens began to study the hunt for mice. For this is the mouse fur, hanging on the middle level. Soon, in the daytime the cats were sleeping on the cat tree together or separately. Games: from simple to complex Tina Hellwig, personal archive Like all little kittens, we love to play. All my free time from sleeping and eating, they spend time in endless games. At first they liked balls with bells, they chased them through the house indefinitely. Then interests shifted towards the fur of mice, and rabbits koloboks. They dragged them in his mouth, like a dog bone, threw, jumped on top of them, depicting the hunt for prey. When this category of toys and kittens are fed up, they decided to search the house for something new and different. The subject of the next “game of love” steel straws for drinking. Smokey and the Shed can be worn for hours at home with a straw, fought for all who play with her. At the same time they found another scanty toy: a plastic bottle cap. First they rolled it fun, then disappeared under the seat tube, where they could not penetrate or reach paws. here Tina Hellwig, personal archive One evening my husband suggested kittens new game: “Catch the laser dot!” Kittens if unleashed: they began to chase the laser beam. When the red dot is sufficiently high on the wall, they tried to jump it, but they are still too small rostochkom. Sometimes at night, when the room gets dark, we kittens play this game scanty. They like to be worn for the race escaping into the distance with a red dot.