Sphynx Cats

October 3 – The Animal Protection Day, and for me personally, this date is not just another formal “holiday”. Thrown into the street animals – cats, dogs – today just some scourge of Russian society. Help! Eva Brown, personal archive In my opinion, it is even one of the “economic barometer” in the country. Once the Company is below the material in their income in the new stage of the crisis, so the street immediately appear many abandoned stray animals. Although a good host and the crisis will not expel favorite “child” on the street! read more The next date for Animal Welfare Day reminded me of a recent meeting at the entrance … With cats breed Sphynx I have faced in my life by accident! Before I could get out once the entrance to the street, in front of me there was a strange kitten – emaciated, covered with very short and stiff fur, with slanting almond-shaped eyes and a sharp snout, which plaintively mewed and rubbed me on the leg. How to refuse such essentially love and care? So in my house there was another representative of the family cat, and my cat Marta – new playful friend. Eva Brown, personal archive What our Klepa – Sphinx, I also found out by accident. Kitty got sick, and I took him to the reception to the vet, who determined his breed. It was then, and there were explanations of all its “strangeness” in food and behavior. I watched my life and a lot of cats at home, and her friends, however, such as Klepa not yet seen. here According to stereotypes, breed Sphynx cats are completely devoid of hair. According to legend, his hair these ancient cats presented to the gods, to warm them! And our Klepov have a small fur, but through it shines and is felt when stroking the skin rough. Fur of a kitten like little Curly, such as kucheryavenkme eyebrows and mustache. The colors of faces reminds siamese, so at first we decided that Klepa – Siam. However, trusting and affectionate disposition foundling refuted the version that he Siamese. When I read on the Internet about the sphinx, then all at once fell into place: the features of the coat, and the structure of faces and kitten body prove that we really Sphinx. A flexible, kind and very sociable character Klepov – just another proof. As it turned out, our Klepa – an example of the Petersburg sphinxes varieties with short fur and bred in St. Petersburg in 1956. These sphinxes are very nice and smart, they love to be friends with all – and with people and other cats. Very original food. info