The mask of black dots

Problem skin is often chases people throughout their lives. Pimples, blackheads, comedones can appear at any age and always cause a lot of grief. Coping with them is stylist madison possible. And one of the most effective and affordable means to get rid of these shortcomings is a mask of black dots.

The cause of “black spots” and methods of getting rid of them

Fatty and porous skin needs special care in the first place – thorough and regular cleaning. However, even with proper care enlarged pores easily become a haven for all sorts of pollution. Dust get into the grease duct and clog it, resulting in formation of black spots, often crowned filled with cutaneous fat mound. more info

KrapokOdnym black mask of the first means to get rid of comedones are deep cleansing, consisting of steaming, mechanical removal pollution and disinfection of the skin, followed by closing now. Most black dots can be removed by peeling, such as scrub. However, this procedure eliminates the only consequences without solving the cause of black dots. The best also means getting rid of this defect are against the masks of black dots, which are clean and nourish the skin, remove pimples and comedones and prevent their formation.
Recipes masks of “black spots”

Face of blackheads can be divided into three types: dissolve sebum and normalize its release, pulling pollution that masks the film, and mask-peeling scrubs. Consider everything in order.
Masks for oily skin


¼ cup rice washed and pour boiled water, under the hood the night. Then the liquid slyvayut and barley knead well with a fork. The resulting slurry dense layer put on the face and remove after 15 minutes with warm water. This mask can be used as a scrub. here


A mixture of crushed flaxseed and dried chamomile flowers in a ratio of 2: 1. The resulting “powder” is diluted with boiling water until thick oily cream and insist the lid to half an hour. The slurry was abundantly applied to problem areas and through the third hour wash. This mask is well dries the skin, reduces inflammation and wound healing.

These and similar mask cleans pores, charge them and prevent the formation of comedones for oily skin.
Masks film


In one protein dissolve a tablespoon of sugar. Half of the mixture is applied to the face, after drying part and put your palms and fingertips pats intensively on problem areas, while the second layer masks do not dry up. During the procedure, sticky mass still pulls content out. Mask wash off with warm water.


1 tbsp. l. Pour 1 tablespoon of gelatin. l. milk and 10 seconds. heated in the microwave. The resulting sticky mass cool slightly and brush applied to problem areas. After 10 minutes the film is removed along with the contents stuck to it ever since.

After any of these masks is recommended to apply a moisturizer.


Mix a teaspoon of fine salt and baking soda with a small amount of soapy foam. Massage movements using cotton pads for 10 minutes weight is applied to the skin dotted with comedones, then wash well.


Crushed 1 tbsp. l. oatmeal mixed with ½ h. l. soda, add a few drops of boric alcohol and 1 tbsp. l. yogurt. A mixture of massage movements applied to problem areas, leave for long in the face, then wash off with warm water. read

These masks can be used for treating dry, inflamed or injured skin.
The result of the masks of comedones

Before applying the mask against the black dots skin clean, wash your face with warm water and steamed over broth with herbs. What mask of black dots desirable finish rubbing the skin with ice cubes, as well pores. In addition, important regularity and duration of use of masks as problematic skin always remains problematic and always requires special care. The only way to help cosmetologist without a professional to achieve the effect of fresh, healthy, whole, perfect skin.