What elevates legs at night?

Many women once want to know what drives the legs at night. This does not mean that men are not concerned about this problem. Just the weaker sex often suffer Court stylist in Madison than representatives of a strong half of mankind.

What are the most popular causes such unpleasant painful sensations? Getting rid of the problem? – All questions related to nocturnal seizures, these answers below in the text …
Why at night reduces leg cramp:

Overexertion of the muscles throughout the day. Provocateurs can become not only an obvious exercise, but wearing uncomfortable shoes, work on legs and even sleep in one position. What elevates legs at night when the load was day? During sleep, the body tries to relax. Also started checking all systems.

At some point in time a muscle is severely reduced, and can not relax. The situation resembles zaklynyv castle that movement stopper key. To eliminate painful sensations must do everything possible to relax the muscle.

Flatfoot. People with flat feet often make mistakes in assessing their capabilities. Leg muscles tense for much of the day trying to withstand the load placed on them. At night cramp leg reduces as the shoes do not meet the degree flat. Suffice to consult with orthopedist about choosing the right shoes, the frequency of night court dramatically reduced.

Pregnancy. The organism is experiencing a double burden. At the foot crushes growing weight. In addition, gaps in the diet leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals. The poorer diet, more often reduces leg cramp during pregnancy. Expectant mother is very important to replenish supplies of calcium, magnesium and potassium in the body. These minerals are responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system and the rapid relaxation of muscles after exercise. Appoint multivitamin preparations for pregnant doctor can only watch.

Hypothermia feet. Severe cold is a protective reflex in the muscles – tremors. Such a reaction is difficult to immediately drown, so it is important to promptly restore blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Lack of micronutrients. When it comes to convulsions, first think of calcium, potassium and magnesium. In practice impossible “by eye” to determine what is missing trace elements in the body. We’ll have to visit a doctor to hand over biochemical, and impartially examine the information.

The situation will change daily, because people always something to eat. But the starting point will still be date of the last analysis, not speculation about replenishing the body microelements.

Venous insufficiency or atherosclerosis. On the issue should touch up the frequent appearance in court calves feet. Only a doctor can diagnose diseases of the circulatory system. The same applies to prescribed treatment. What suits one can seriously harm the other. You can not trust the diagnosis of correspondence via the Internet.

Stress factors. Active adrenaline, tension and depression leads to a decrease of calcium in the body. As a result, violated the nervous system, decreasing the speed of muscle contraction.

Sweating. Sweating reduces the amount of magnesium in the body. This explains the fact that in summer time the frequency of leg cramps increases by an order.

First aid with the appearance of cramps in leg

It is difficult at night when the leg is heard hellish pain include logical thinking. Therefore, an action plan in case of appearance of seizures should be developed more in the evening. It is important to restore normal muscle tone and bring down tensions that arose.

The simplest response with the appearance of pain – stand the cold floor and straighten. But sometimes it is very difficult to do, so try to use other options.

In a deep breath recommended toe grab arms, which is reduced by the Court, and strongly pull them over. This position of the lower extremity stretching spazmyrovannuyu muscle pain and back down. To facilitate the transition to a state of “socks on a” can do all the foot traffic raskachyvayuschye. Once the spasm is weakening the muscles begin to massage the affected area until complete withdrawal discomfort.

While very strong cramps permitted careful massaging calves and foot, from the fingertips and ending knee. Rubbing, patting and tingling tense muscles will reduce pain. To avoid new seizures during bedtime feet lay folded blanket.

From repetitive seizures get rid of the help warming ointment, vodka or apple cider vinegar. Sometimes conventional wet compresses to help warm water. That heat helps to relax the muscles, reducing their nervous sensitivity.