Why are gray hair in the young?

Salt and pepper gray hair shows the venerable age and a significant number of years behind. This idea evolved in our minds for many centuries. But gray hair at a young girl or boy looks abnormal.

Rather, we think the man stylist in Madison┬ásevere grief, which in an instant zostarilo it. Perhaps so. Let’s see why gray hair in the young.
Why gray hair, uncontrollable factors

The color of our hair depends on the kind of melanin – the pigment that is produced in melanocytes, the special cells of the bulb. Eumelanin “colors” in the dark hair and brown shades.

Feomelanin – a blonde and red. If melanocytes cease to function and lose their activity, the hair does not get “paint” and becomes gray or colorless. A failure can occur for various reasons:

genetic predisposition (at the gene level defined premature aging functions, some cells slow down their activity has twenty years);

hormonal disorders (any hormonal failure leads to irreversible consequences, no one will ever guess on which system “hit hormone”; hormonal background can lead to early graying);

long chronic disease (dysfunction of one system of the body inevitably leads to failure in the other systems as chronic heart disease or stomach can affect the condition of hair);

Diseases of the musculoskeletal tissues and skin (impaired blood flow in the muscles or skin, is associated with the disease can lead to loss of activity of the cells of hair follicles).

Some diseases can cause temporary hair graying. Proper treatment successfully solves these problems. Triggers disappears – vanishes gray.
Early gray hair: managed reasons

Some factors that trigger gray hair, we can influence. Therefore, they allocate a separate group and consider the problem in terms of its solution. So why gray hair and how to avoid it.

First, premature aging of the hair – the result of frequent stress and depression. Today young people are in constant stress: the struggle for a career, “vyhryzanye” their living space, intrigue and mischief colleagues oblychchyaste rapid and rich life, the constant lack of money, the crazy pace of learning, etc. etc.

From all this body wears out quickly, the nervous system is exhausted, life processes are slowed down. The result – premature aging and the appearance of gray hair.

Moreover, strong moral shock leads to a spasm of cerebral vessels responsible for nutrition of hair. Because of this hair begins to turn gray, fall, split, etc. There are situations where a few hours head man is completely gray.

Some surgeons, for example, during a difficult operation may become completely gray. Such a fate awaits and fighter pilot, and a taxi driver on his head is placed a gun, and educator who walk on “lost” children. Any person who was in a state of extremely high levels of stress.

What to do?

Learn relieve tension, to behave properly in stressful situations to master techniques of complacency and relaxation.

Second, unbalanced diet, frequent diet. Hair does not get inside the required nutrients, and therefore begin to lose brightness and color. Loss of pigment also promotes the use of large amounts of salt, coffee and drugs.

What to do?

Normalize food to fill the lack of proteins of plant and animal origin in the diet, copper, zinc, iron, vitamin B10. These minerals containing cucumbers, pork liver, hazelnuts, oysters, wheat germ, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, peas, beef, dairy products, eggs, potatoes, fish, mushrooms, nuts and seeds.

Thirdly, frequent hair coloring. Entrance into the paint chemicals gradually destroy the natural pigment produced by melanocytes. After three years of regular colorings may be the first gray hair.

What to do?

To love your natural hair color. Nature could not make a mistake by choosing a shade of hair. And for better or worse with a particular hair color – is purely subjective (someone like, some do not). If you really want, you can use less harmful vidtinochnymy shampoos and balms.

Finally, bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of proper rest, poor environment are also culprits appearance of early gray hair. Thus, premature graying of hair – the result of aging in general or individual organs.

Violation of the normal life of the internal man leads to failure in the production of melanin, which is responsible for the color.