Why do people hiccup?

Why do people hiccup? This question is every man when he attacked hiccup. Some face such trouble repeatedly. Unpleasant “IR” makes the whole body tremble. Sometimes it is a completely inappropriate moments. The most offensive that nothing you can do about it. Why do people hiccup? Coping with hiccups quickly?
Because what people hiccup? spa service Miami

Origin hiccups explains several versions. Funny, but they offered scientists minds.

1) The human body is the vagus nerve. It connects the central nervous system with stylist in Madison systems. His permanent residence is located between the chest and abdomen. Here is the diaphragm consists of muscles and tendons.

Under the influence of certain factors vagus nerve is injured and irritated. This situation is not like the body. After excessive activity of the vagus nerve may adversely affect internal organs. The brain, receiving signal glitches sends the appropriate signal to the point of breakage. window repair Miami

Rectify the situation has phrenic nerve. It makes actively reduced diaphragm. After all, there is a small hole, connecting the abdomen and chest. Intense diaphragm compression quiet vagus nerve. And everything goes back to normal. This process is called normalization hiccups.

What could make more active vagus nerve?

Quickly swallowing large chunks of food, overeating (excess tension esophagus injure vagus nerve).
An excessive amount of alcohol (alcohol – a poison to the digestive system).
Fear, severe stress (annoying factors for the entire nervous system, analysis of the emotional state can also answer the question why a person is talking in his sleep).
Awkward posture, cold (negative impacts on the nerves, forcing them to shrink much strain).

2) Hiccups – a reminder of its nature. Ancient people had zhabernoe breathing. Today, people do not need. But between convulsive muscle contraction (hiccups) and breathing gills have a lot in common. In the brain, likely still have the nerve centers, which in the past were responsible for zhabernoe breathing. The authors of this version are French scientists led by Christian Straus. pet grooming Miami

3) Hiccups – it kept sucking instinct. The brain remembers the way power in the newborn period.

Almost always harmless hiccup. But in some cases, it signals a serious disease in the body. Example,

pneumonia (infection in the chest can irritate the nerve endings of the sternum or aperture);
hiatal hernia (another name – H.Berhmanna syndrome);
Alcohol Poisoning (ikannya has a toxic nature);
liver disease (increased body irritates the diaphragm);
a malignant tumor in the retrosternal area (abnormal increase in any body next to her diaphragm can cause involuntary contractions).

Not least in this list are mental disorders.

Signs of abnormal hiccups:

duration (hours or more);
frequency (several times a day);
related anxiety symptoms (heartburn, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, etc.).

Getting rid of hiccups?

Annoying and sudden “IKI” made people invent not a cure for hiccups:

Make the esophagus reduced. Then relax the diaphragm. To do this, click on the root of the tongue, as if trying to cause a gag reflex. Do not overdo it.

Drink water in small sips at the same flat rate. The minimum amount – a glass.

Drink or eat something very bitter or sour.

Resolves refined piece.

Pull down the tip of the tongue.

Take a few deep breaths. Then inhale and hold your breath. Slowly count to ten. Hiccups should go faster.

Make the tense muscles in the diaphragm. You can make a few tilts, raising torso, push-ups with stop lying.

Stsepyte hands behind the castle. Trying to break his fast, but drink small sips a glass of cold water, which is in the hands of an assistant.

Questionable treatment for hiccups:

fear (do not know what the consequences will leave this method);

“Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedota with Fedota Jacob with Jacob all” (and similar spells in addition, incur the ugly annoying your neighbor “ISR”);

Switching attention (although rational in this way is not zatsyklyuyuchys on its hiccups, you force the brain to switch to more important things).