Why do people snore?

Night in the same room with a man – a real nightmare. It hovayeshsya under the pillow, then pushes it aside, then whiz … As a result, no rest, no vysypayeshsya. Moreover, the snorers suffer from your snoring.

His body loses oxygen, because of which all organs and systems suffer. Especially the brain, which can fully relax and recover. Why do people snore? How to help him? more
Why do people snore?

Snoring – a medical problem. And his reasons are often associated with health problems. Although we can not ignore the hereditary factor. Children whose parents snore, with a greater share of probability will also snore. Consider the mechanism of snoring.

In a healthy person the stylist in Madison of the soft palate and tongue constantly in tone. Their voltage necessary to maintain the upper respiratory tract in the clear. If for some reason the muscles relax, the lumen narrows. miamipc-repair.bestdomen.xyz  Accordingly, access to air partially blocked. Man inhales and relaxed soft palate and the root of the tongue begin to “shake”. So intermittent sound. It also is snoring.

Most people snore when sleeping on your back. The jaw is relaxed in this position, and his mouth opened. “Modulations” become clearer and louder. Why do people snore? dentist Miami

Snoring – a sign of respiratory disorders. The disorder may be minimal (runny nose, for example), and can be quite serious syndrome (obstructive sleep apnea).

The causes of snoring:

diseases of the nasopharynx and larynx (rhinitis, bronchitis, sore throat, etc.);
decrease in muscle tone of the soft palate and tongue (due to age, obesity, alcohol, smoking, some medications);
increase adenoids (a common cause of snoring in children);
sagging soft palate, tongue increase;
congenital curvature of the nasal septum. stylist Miami

When a person snores every night, this is not normal. Lack of oxygen leads to tissue hypoxia. Sometimes breath snoring during the last 15-20 seconds. And the body is dangerous. Lack of oxygen – is stressful for the organs and tissues:

brain – increases the risk of stroke, disorders of higher nervous activity;
for the heart – increased risk of heart attacks;
for the endocrine system – normal metabolism is possible only under constant with oxygen; regular violations of metabolic processes cause loss of strength, depressed mood and fatigue. interiormiami.lolabridge.xyz

Therefore, we must deal with snoring. It is unnatural, like yawning, for example (I wonder why people yawn?).


If a person snoring causes congenital deformities face, muscles, cartilage, nose, mouth, pharynx, then it can only help plastic surgeons. If snoring is temporary (due to colds or allergies), then you need to treat the underlying disease.

Unfortunately, sprays or pills no snoring. You can try to reduce the effect of provoking factors or completely eliminate them:

Every night do wet cleaning in the bedroom (in a humidified room to breathe more easily).
Change pillow or even remove it (unnatural bends the neck during sleep reinforce snoring).
Lose weight (obese people snore more often).
Perform exercises that strengthen muscle corset in the mouth (circular movements of the lower jaw, his procrastination forced down with a closed mouth, teeth clench the rubber tube).

There are mechanical methods against snoring:

silicone mask through which air is pumped into the nostrils under pressure;
bandage under the jaw, does not allow to open his mouth;
device that holds the lower jaw in the extended position (done in bite insmidualno patient);
cervical electrostimulators;
nose “pin”.

Annually through obstructive respiratory arrest people die. Snorers worse working and focusing, so often get in a car accident. Many families break up because of snoring. Most of this problem faced by men and the elderly. But no one is safe from snoring. Even children snore. more info