Why do people speak in a dream?

phenomenon known since ancient times. But scientific interpretation it has not received. Why do people speak in a dream? Often this feature they inherit from their ancestors. It happens that one and the same person suffers from sleepwalking and from somnylokvyy. Most men talking in his sleep, than women. But why?

we always dream pravsma man tells stories, he describes what happened in real life; dance studio Miami

when a person very much afraid to let out a dream, it remains a mystery to him; of a specific event, he did not tell.

Nightly talks are useless “boltunam” damage. Except in cases where the wrong man, for example, is recognized as a strong sense of his mistress. But sleep mumbling prevents those nearby. As snoring or involuntary twitching. I wonder why people twitches in his sleep?

Snohovorenyya reasons unknown. Researchers call only precipitating factors:

close relatives (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather) talked in his sleep;
mental stylist in Madison;
prolonged use of certain drugs (particularly drugs that are directed to the human psyche);
severe stress, emotional distress during the day);
high body temperature caused by other diseases;
drug addiction. spa Miami

How to treat “night talkers”?

There are no medications to treat somnylokvyy not exist. But you can protect yourself from emotional conversations while you sleep. At least try.

First, always ventilate the room before going to bed.

Second, remove the stress accumulated during the day. Take a walk outdoors. Exit to the balcony. Take a warm bath with essential oils. Take sex (this technique always helps – research established fact). In no case do not drink before bedtime strong coffee or tea. Never smoke or smitsya TV before going to bed. Do not drink alcohol in large doses. If emotions overwhelmed, but inside everything is shaking, take a sedative. windowsofmiami.kkk-blog.xyz

Thirdly, normalize vacation mode. Time to lie down and get up at the same time. Never nayidaytesya bedtime.

If the night you said that it was impossible to say, refuse to last. Not necessarily immediately recognized or repent. You can explain your words recently viewed movie, violent imagination, greatly influenced the events you read the book.

Why do children speak in a dream?

Baby talk in his sleep concerned parents. But in most cases, snohovorinnya absolutely harmless. The main reason – the unstable nervous system of a young child. He studies around the world know it. For every event leaves a deep mark in a little heart.

Children’s day is usually filled with strong emotions and vivid impressions. Snohovorinnya in some cases helps the baby adapt to the world. It is noticed that kids mumbles when one phase of sleep changes the other. They seemed to lull themselves. Kids who are just learning to talk, often “train” a dream, speak new words and phrases.

Tips for parents:

do not play with the kids in the evening outdoor games, read or better pomalyuyte together;
do not cry for the child before bedtime;
Do not let your child fall asleep watching television while watching cartoons;
not scare your child Baba Yahoyu or wolves (and other non-existent horror stories). more here

The child should sleep safely in a well-ventilated, even slightly cool room.

If a kid says not only dream, but also jumps up, screaming, often turns, creaks teeth, and long after waking up trying to concentrate, consult a neurologist. Perhaps the night chatter – a symptom of a more serious disorder.